Multimedia has applications in media, business, engineering, medicine, advertising, art, education, entertainment and scientific research, as well as many other industries.

This includes corporate videos, training videos, video conferences, movies, TV, VCDs, DVDs, video tapes, commercial technology and industrial process video mastering, video conversations, interviews, and other audio and video formats.

If you would like to learn more about our multimedia translation services, please e-mail us at Pricing varies according to the type of file, intended use, language, level of professional difficulty, time and other production factors. We place great importance on offering value to our customers, and always offer the most affordable price possible for our professional services.

After receiving a file, we read it to ensure that we have a general understanding of the contents. The shortest possible turnaround time is 3 working days, including translation, script creation, proofreading, editing, subtitle creation, and dubbing.  As the requirements for each project are different, the time required for translation is also different. All translation turnaround times are calculated in business days.

If a customer requires a shorter delivery time for a translation project, the cost will increase by 30% to 300%, depending upon the circumstances. The additional costs reflect overtime salary payments to translators, post-production staff, dubbing staff, and other required staff.  We have implemented best-practice strategies in order to minimize costs and ensure top quality for expedited projects.

According to research, every dollar spent on translation brings at least nine dollars of additional profit. Sometimes, spending an extra $1000 on translation will make your entire project more attractive and more competitive. 

Professional translation is neither consumer goods nor art; it is a factor of production. Our product can bring you added value and cause your project to advance and expand. This is our motivation for making every effort to achieve accuracy in our translation.

In addition to providing you value-added services, we help to greatly reduce your work time, allowing you to focus on your work responsibilities and your company's performance. Project management, document translation, translator selection, quality control, transcription, script-writing, post-production, and dubbing are infinitely tedious and demanding tasks. Let us help you complete them. 


For issues not covered above, please call 021-60942080. Thank you for your continued support!