Corporate Training

We offer many custom language training programs for Chinese and foreign companies, in which we share our decade of experience in transnational communication, offer a variety of quality one-stop solutions, help people break through language barriers, helpcompanies go global, teach your staff to confidently go into the global world, and help your company shine as it leads in the global marketplace.

Corporate training is custom-tailored according to the requirements of each individual customer. After being commissioned for a corporate training, we set out to thoroughly understand your company. After that, we begin to plan and design the most useful training experience youwill find in the marketplace. The main themes of the trainings are very diverse in order to accommodate different levels and types of employees. Generally, employees are divided into three groups: decision-making personnel, management-level personnel, and operations-level personnel.  

High-Level Translation Training

Designed for translators with a foundation in translation, this training covers a multitude of fully integrated subjects and styles to rapidly increase translation judgment and versatility.  

Basic Translation Training

Training is divided into Chinese-English and English-Chinese. The main topics covered are words and expressions, syntax, and text translation.

High-Level Interpretation Training

This course brings participants' listening, comprehension, short-term memory, information processing, and linguistic expression abilities up to an advanced level.It also forcefully trains accent recognition, surgically removes the points of difficulty in the original language, teaches mastery of preparation skills, and trains for mastery of the professional skills required for high-level international conference interpretation.

Conference Interpretation Training

Conference interpretation is different from regular interpretation, and puts more emphasis on constant practice and the need to maintain sensitivity towards language. Using many different international conferences as teaching cases, combined with memory training, rapid response training, psychological training, and other interpretation skills training, this course provides participants with the abilities required for high-level conference interpretation.

Accompanied Interpretation Training

Designed for interpreters with a foundation in interpretation, this course covers the full-range of skills required for interpretation. Additionally, it uses many vivid real cases from politics, economics, culture and science, to help the student significantly and rapidly improve his or her interpretation ability and ability to fluidly communicate with foreigners.  

Basic Interpretation Training

The introductory course of our interpretation training series mainly focuseson the key techniques for English-Chinese interpretation. The course teaches classic interpretation rules, and skills necessary for professionals, including note-taking techniques, short-term memory tricks, English-Chinese and Chinese-English two-way interpretation skills, video translation, and logical analysis.  It helps trainees reinforce fundamental interpretation skills.

One-to-One Training

This fully-customized training is designed to meet the needs of students with specific requirements for language study. The training time is flexible to accommodatethe student's convenience. It allows the trainer to make a more accurate assessment of the student's strength and weaknesses, and in turn design a targeted and effective study program to provide the student with a simple, flexible, and enjoyable learning experience.


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