Industry Solutions

Translation work is the link through which China conducts foreign exchange and discourse. The development of translation careers is also a requirement for China's reform and opening.  Improving translator quality, strengthening the creation of translator teams, and promoting professional competence in translation is in line with the needs of the country's economic development. Translation professionals play a crucial role in China's economic development and social progress. It is the bridge over which the knowledge of and introduction of advanced foreign technology flow, and on which international exchange and cooperation are forged. The improvement of translators' political and professional awareness plays a key role in strengthening China's international cooperation in the fields of politics, economics, and science and technology.

With the social development and reform and opening up of the country, translation work is becoming common across all industry sectors. Translation requirements for different industries vary greatly. While accumulating many years of industry experience, Rainbow Translation has grasped the featuresof many industries, constantly improved, and mastered the requirements and standards of the different industries. We have specific industry solutions for numerous industries.

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