Translation is highly demanding mental work. So that we may provide the most efficient and quality service to you, please carefully read the following prior to engaging our services:

1. Initial contact

Feel free to call us at 021-60942080 for a consultation, or e-mail an inquiry to  We will first learn about the details of your translation project, such as source and target language, content, intended use, deadline, and manner of submission, etc. If you already have the final version of the document for translation, please e-mail it to us so that we can provide you with the most timely and most accurate quotation.

2. Confirmation and contract

Rainbow Translation will review and evaluate the content, compute the word count, estimate delivery time, calculate the translation price, and issue you a competitive quotation in a timely manner. We also need to communicate with you thoroughly, so that both parties’ understandings of the requirements for the translation project are aligned from the start. For oral interpretation projects, a member of our sales team will provide you with a quotation based on the source and target language, subject matter, background, project process, time requirements, etc., and will coordinate with our project department to schedule interpreters. For each project, we assign one project manager who is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the project until successful completion. After both parties have agreed on all terms, we will sign a contract.

3. Payment and project analysis

After the contract is signed and our Finance Department confirms receipt of payment, our Project Department will assign translators based on language and area of expertise. The Project Department then sends the basic translation requirements to the Translation Department so that translators will be familiar with the background and use of the document prior to beginning translation work (if you have any references or glossaries relevant to the project, please submit them before translation work begins, so that we may ensure the highest quality of work).

With regard to very large or urgent projects, we will establish a small translation team, and create a unified glossary along with language style and format guidelines.

Our Typesetting Department will perform preliminary and final typesetting work according to the original document type.

4. Translation

Our work is 100% completed by human translators. We strictly prohibit our translators from using auto-translation software. Our translators, on average, have more than 5 years of translation experience, and are highly professional. Throughout the translation process, we are constantly in contact with the customer, and constantly monitor the progress of translation, in order to eliminate any problems before they arise.

Interpreters and trainers perform comprehensive preparation work regarding project contents, and will arrive at the work location in advance of the scheduled time.

5. Proofreading and review

All translated documents go through careful,word-by-word, peer review and edit to eliminate translation errors, missed translations, spelling and grammatical errors, and guarantee proper wording and consistency. After two review and edit sessions are finished, the translation work is completed.

6. Post-production

The Typesetting Department ensures that the typesetting of the translated document is consistent with the original document. The Typesetting Department will also perform post-production work for video content, including subtitles, audio, etc. According to your requirements, we are able to provide a range of services, including word typesetting, typesetting for printing, printing, dubbing, subtitles, etc., and a range of formats, including electronic files, printable soft copy, printed copy, CDs, videos, hard copy.

7. Delivery and feedback

We deliver translation work in the manner requested by our customer and the final payment (if any) shall be made upon delivery. After delivery, a member of our sales team will contact you for your feedback and to express our gratitude for your choosing to work with Tianhong.

For issues not covered above, please call 021-60942080. Thank you for your continued support!