With the rapid increase in demand for translation services in China, a large number of translation companies have sprung up in recent years. However, companies that follow proper industry operating practices, offer quality assurance, and protect customer interests are very few.

How do you distinguish a professional translation company from an unprofessional one? We have outlined the following considerations to help you in your search for professional translation services:

Item for Comparison

Unprofessional Translation Company

Rainbow Translation Company

Years of Operation



Office Location

Residential community or suburban office location

Downtown 5A-grade office space



Translators Association of China Member

American Translators Association Member

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 Certification


No full-time translators; translation quality is unstable

Employs full-time translators; translation quality is stable


Does not proofread; Does not edit; simply provides translation drafts to clients

Has full-time proofreaders, proofreads and edits each word of each document twice.

Service Process

No standardized service system; one person performs several roles; is short-handed

Sales, finance, project management, translation, proofreading, typesetting, verification; the first company in the industry with UK ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification; offers a comprehensive service system

Professionalism of Quotation

Offers quotation before understanding clients’ needs; does not offer translation solutions according to specific needs; always uses low price as a competitive advantage.

Has detailed understanding of clients’ translation needs; asks clients to explain needs in detail or to send original document; offers quotation only after understanding the document’s subject matter, type, purpose, audience, and schedule; this type of quotation is meaningful and responsible to clients.

Commitment to Clients

Can meet any requirements, any deadline; no contract needed; translation before payment; any claim payment can be made; any problem can be solved.

Communicates with clients honestly; provides appropriate delivery time; collects down payment and concludes formal agreements according to on industry standards; makes specific translation commitments to clients.

Provision of Sample and Actual Translators

Selects their best translator for sample translation and then assigns the project to a mediocre translator; provides inaccurate or false interpreter resume and delivers a translation that doesn’t meet clients’ requirements.

Makes translation worktransparent; translators for sample translation and project translation are the same; clients will be informed of change of translators, and are reminded to review and give feedback; is dedicated to becoming the best translation team and growing together with our clients.

Pre-translation Work

Conducts no pre-project communication with clients and doesn’t assemble related vocabulary; holds a hands-off attitude at the initial stages and then conducts large-scale modification or is unable to modify at the final stage, creating irretrievable losses.

Continuously updates customer on project schedule and progress; consults the customer about the glossary, or creates a glossary for the customer to review; more upfront interaction will reduce work for both parties.

Process of Dealing with Problems during Translation

Does not admit totranslation errors, and does not assist the customer in fixing the problems

Patiently communicates with the customer; presents Ideas and possible solutions; makes changes until the customer is fully satisfied.

Post-translation Work

Does nothing after translation is completed; no further tracking or processing of feedback

After project completion, kindly asks customers to provide feedback on translation and service quality, and to discuss areas for improvement; strives to constantly improve.

We hope this will help you in choosinga translation supplier. Our first-class translators are standing by to provide you with a superior and trusted translation service.

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