The long-term success and growth of our company depends on the guidance and vision of our Executives, and the ingenuity of our employees. Our company puts an emphasis on attracting, retaining, and developing motivated and reliable individuals.

Rainbow Translation’s hiring goal is finding virtuousindividuals who possess strong ability and execution, along with the personal attitude and professional skills that will enable them to enjoy a long-term, stable career with the company. Therefore, our fundamental recruiting criterion is the assessment of a candidate’s potential to develop together with our company. We expect each team member to join in our high-quality corporate culture, to devote himself or herself to the enterprise, to be dedicated to our customers, and to maintain anunassertive (this would be a terrible attittude for an employee to have) and respectful attitude.

Business developer


1. Develop business, answer enquiry, quote and follow up orders; proficient in PC skills and Office system;

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, hard-working; make sure to provide careful, considerate and highly-efficient services to clients;

3. Maintain good client relationship; timely communicate with clients; solve problems between clients and translators;

4. Accept other works assigned by your supervisor;

5. Has a commute of less than 2 hours.



1. Have a passion for sales work: love sales work and wish to work as a salesperson for a long time;

2. Working experience: have at least 1 year experience of sales, customer service or other related work as well as marketing service work;

3. Knowledge and skills: speak clearly, polite talker, fluent mandarin speaker, good communication and coordination skills, proficient in office equipment and software;

4. Quality requirement: attentive, good at communication and coordination, of high professional ethics and team spirit.



Full-time translator


1. Translation work of different language;

2. Accept translation work assigned by supervisor;

3. Guarantee translation quality;

4. Collect and collate translation materials and carry out knowledge management;

5. Translate assigned materials and well communicate and coordinate with translation team;

6. Has a commute of less than 2 hours.


1. Have a passion for translation work: love translation work and wish to work as a translator for a long time;

2. Have an education background of junior college or above, majored in foreign language or related major;

3. Good foreign language skills, in-depth translation foundation, proficient in mandarin-foreign language inter-translation, good at writing;

4. Have over 1 year translation experience ; attentive, quick-thinker, strong sense of responsibility;

5. Editing or translating-related working experience will be a plus.